Courses (Proposed)

This page contains descriptions of courses I am currently working on. These are concepts only with details still to work out. They may be a good fit for degree programs in Community Music as well as the Christian Studies and Global Citizenship or similar degree streams.

The Contemplative Community: Contemplative Music as Community Music

Often excluded from the mainstream study of community music, contemplative music forms and musical practices are ubiquitous across traditions, religions, and cultures. Communal contemplative practices such as group chanting and singing are important to the health and connectedness of individual and community. Contemplative musics may be undertaken by soloists, small groups, or large congregations. Like their more extroverted counterparts these introverted forms serve to build and maintain connections. But, even more so these community musics deal with the inner landscape, the introverted experiences, of individuals and groups grounding and reinforcing social relationships. This course examines group and individual contemplative music forms within the larger framework of global contemplative practices using discovery, experiential, and group-learning methodologies. Class content will be drawn from scholarly source readings, direct experience, and other primary sources.


Facilitating Community Music

This course operates within the larger framework of a community music ensemble allowing students direct experience into the many techniques, methods, and approaches currently utilized in community music facilitation. The course includes conventional ensemble conducting techniques (gestures, pacing, session structuring) but expands beyond them into areas of contemporary conduction; directed improvisation; and drum-based, song-based, and song-sharing facilitation approaches. Of special importance are sections on cross-cultural and interfaith improvisations and techniques in intentioned community music and community-music therapy practices.